Edoardo Vivianivivedo


This website is absolutely a work in progress! I still have to decide what to write here and upload some kind of portfolio. In the meantime take a look at my Instagram, Github, LinkedIn or send me an email at edoardo.viviani(at)gmail.com

Let me introduce myself

Hello! I'm a minutes old (around years) Computer Engineering student living in Florence, Italy.
I have a diverse set of software skills ranging from traditional software to web technologies as HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript (with Angular and React), NodeJS, golang, Java, Python, PHP (yes, they are in order of preference when used in a web app), C/C++.
I also love tinkering with embedded MCUs as i think having little hardware resources helps improving mental workflows in prolem solving and code in general. And of course, who doesn't love tiny 8bit microcontrollers?

Other interests

I love typing code on a computer on a comfortable chair while listening to music, but i also like doing things that are mostly unrelated, as working as a live technician and light designer in concerts, theatres and clubs. Traveling every time in a new venue and thinking how to create shows that people can enjoy, connecting artists, musicians and DJs to audiences, laying down meters and meters of power and data cables feeding PAs and lighting fixtures, and using my IT skills to make things a bit easier (some of my collegues still can't believe that i could run one single CAT6 wire from the stage to the mixers instead of five using the power of VLANs).
I'm familiar with lighting software ad ChamSys and MA and i primairly use Resolume Arena for visuals on ledwalls and projectors or video mapping