Edoardo Vivianivivedo


This website is absolutely a work in progress! I still have to decide what to write here and upload some kind of portfolio. In the meantime take a look at my LinkedIn, Github, Instagram or send me an email at

Let me introduce myself

Hello! I'm a minutes old ( years) Computer Engineering student living in Florence, Italy
I have a diverse set of software skills ranging from traditional software to web technologies, i also have experience with a few embeeded MCU architectures

Studies show
ITIS Antonio Meucci
2013-2019, Diploma di Istituto Tecnico, Indirizzo Informatica e Telecomunicazioni, Articolazione Informatica
Università degli Studi di Firenze
2019-2022, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
Languages show
🇮🇹 Italian native language
🇬🇧 English CEFR Level C1 Advanced
🇩🇪 German CEFR Level A2 Basic
Skills show
Programming languages & frameworks/related technologies
Java Android, Spring
Python Django
PHP Laravel/Lumen
JS FE Angular, React
JS BE Node.js, connect/express
SQL MySQL, Postgres
AVR, Xtensa, ARM Atmel, Espressif, STMicroelectronics

Other interests

I've been working as a live technician and light designer in concerts, theatres and clubs, traveling every time in a new venue and creating shows that people can enjoy, connecting artists, musicians and DJs to audiences, laying down meters and meters of heavy copper power and delicate fiber data cables feeding PAs and lighting fixtures
I'm familiar with ChamSys and MA LD software and i primairly use Resolume Arena for visuals on ledwalls and projectors or video mapping.